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from django.conf import settings
from mapstory.models import *
from mapstory.util import lazy_context
import re
def _sections():
return list(Section.objects.order_by('order'))
def _resources():
return list(Resource.objects.order_by('order'))
_ua = re.compile('MSIE (\d+)\.')
def page(req):
'''provide base template context'''
# detect old browsers - probably should fix to use more robust framework
# for now, IE7 causes lots of trouble
old_browser = False
agent = req.META.get('HTTP_USER_AGENT','')
if agent:
match =
if match:
version = int(
old_browser = version < 8
if old_browser:
# the user has understood
if 'iunderstand' in req.COOKIES:
old_browser = False
#@todo better of using a template_tag
page = {
'sections' : _sections(),
'resources' : _resources(),
#@todo temp for design work
'design_mode' : settings.DESIGN_MODE,
# we could do this through debug but it's nicer to have finer grained control
'enable_analytics' : settings.ENABLE_ANALYTICS,
'old_browser' : old_browser
return {'page':page,'cache_time':60}
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