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from mapstory.models import get_view_cnts
from mapstory.models import get_ratings
from mapstory.models import Topic
from mapstory.models import Section
from mapstory.models import ContactDetail
from geonode.maps.models import Layer
from geonode.maps.models import Map
display_names = {
'map' : 'MapStory',
'layer' : 'StoryLayer',
'user' : 'StoryTeller'
def extra_context(context):
context['sections'] = Section.objects.all()
def process_search_results(normalizers):
'''Generic content types are _much_ faster to deal with in bulk'''
if not normalizers: return normalizers
model = type(normalizers[0].o)
cnts = get_view_cnts(model)
ratings = get_ratings(model)
for n in normalizers:
n.views = cnts.get(, 0)
n.rating = float(ratings.get(, 0))
return normalizers
owner_query_fields = ['blurb','organization','biography']
def owner_query(query, kw):
if kw['bysection']: return None
q = ContactDetail.objects.select_related().filter(user__isnull=False)
q = q.defer('blurb', 'biography')
return q
def owner_rank_rules():
return (ContactDetail,
['blurb', 5, 2],
['biography', 5, 2])
def _initial_query(model, kw):
user = kw['user']
if user and user.is_superuser:
q = model.objects.all()
q = model.objects.filter(publish__status='Public')
if user:
q = q | model.objects.filter(owner=user)
return q
def layer_query(query, kw):
q = _initial_query(Layer, kw)
q = q.only('title','date')
bysection = kw.get('bysection')
if bysection:
q = q.filter(topic__in=Topic.objects.filter(section__id=bysection))
# @todo once supported via UI - this should be an OR with the section filter
bytopic = kw.get('bytopic')
if bytopic:
q = q.filter(topic_category = bytopic)
return q
def map_query(query, kw):
q = _initial_query(Map, kw)
q = q.only('title','last_modified')
bysection = kw.get('bysection')
if bysection:
q = q.filter(topic__in=Topic.objects.filter(section__id=bysection))
return q
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