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minor changes to comments in map/layer pages #420

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From Steven:

  • When map has no comments, add space below "No Comments. Be the first!" (15px should be good)
  • For Consistency: "Post a Comment" should be in title case (uppercase "C")

To improve readability (can mock below up if doable):

  • Remove dash between username and comment post time
  • Make comment post time a lighter color
  • Add borders between top-level comments (but not within threads)

Reply to comment overlay:

  • Reduce space between "Reply to Comment" and "Comment:"
  • Rename "Comment:" label to "Reply:"
  • Include the comment they're replying to at the top (limit height and allow for internal scroll if comment is very long), below the overlay header and the reply field
  • Move "x" so it lines up with right of the comment box
  • Make right padding match left padding.
  • Make submit button same as the submit button under "Post a Comment" on map page
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Completed the first 5 with b787385

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This might be a good one for @drwelby

@drwelby drwelby was assigned

Addressed most of the last 6 in #940. I can't include the previous comment without rewriting Dialogos which is part of GeoNode, or sneaking it in with some jQuery. I don't see unequal right/left padding, so that might already have been fixed.

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Sneaking it in with jQuery seems the easiest bet. You could find the closest .comment and grab the content from the child div.

Deployed to dev. Ready for testing.


I have it working with jQuery - the form has a hidden field with the parent comment ID, which happens to have a CSS id of '.comment-ID' so you can grab what you need.


Merged in #941 .


Looking good on Dev.

This issue was closed.
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