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revisit links/icons in search result tiles #424

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From Steven:

  • The “Create New Map” (on a layer result) and “View in Fullscreen” (on a map) icons are in the same place and have similar appearances yet do different things--one gets you started creating a new map and another lets you view an existing map. Should make this distinction clearer. One way:
    • Remove the icons
    • Add text for the options inside the “More Box” (below the buttons)
      • Create new map with this layer
      • Fullscreen view
    • If icons are necessary:
      • Fullscreen: use a standard fullscreen icon (four arrows pointing outward--see Vimeo video for an example--or a square outlined with square brackets--see YouTube video for example)
      • Create New Map: could use a smaller map icon with a + for example
    • If it’s necessary to show the option outside the “More” box -- can be done, but would have to rearrange the metadata for each result a bit to accommodate it well. Let me know, and I can come up with something.

From Ian:
The addition of the icons was requested to help differentiate between map and layer. Having a shortcut to directly make a map or directly view fullscreen was also a common request. The existing workflow required navigating to the 'info' page first.

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Closing - old UI

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