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Welcome to the MapStory wiki! MapStory officially supports IE 9+, FF 31+, and Chrome 52.5+.

Creating Issues

Are you a MapStory user? Part of the team? Someone from the open source community? Whatever the answer, these guidelines will help you help the team deliver quality work efficiently! Please take a peek before you submit an issue, or follow these guidelines before re-opening an issue the team has closed for lack of detail.

Contributor Guides

Just joined the team or planning to develop on the project? Here are some styleguides and contribution guidelines that will help you get up to speed:

Site Map

We've got a site map as well as some documentation about where to find particular templates, Javascript assets, etc., and where we're overriding or relying on other open source projects for our UI. Check out the Site Map page for the deep dive. Roadmap

Interested in what the team will be up to in the future? Check out our MapStory-Road-Map for details. The the list starts with items we hope to tackle in the near-term, and is roughly in order of priority with farther-future pursuits we are still working to define near the bottom. Note that priorities (especially those closer to the bottom) may naturally shift and change order as the team completes work.

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