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Release Notes for MapSurfer.NET v2.4.0

27 December, 2015


  • Added: Expression language has been enriched by the null-coalescing operator (??).
  • Added: Plate Carree projection (see EPSG: 32662).
  • Added: Sharpen image filter.
  • Added: WMS service got two custom request parameters. They are LABELING_SOLVER and LABELING_LANGUAGE.
  • Added: WMS configuration has been extended by introducing an ExpressionResolver parameter, which defines a name of that class that is responsible for dynamic resolving of text expressions both in TextSymbolizer and GraphicTextSymbolizer.
  • Added: WMTS supports generation of high resolution (retina) tiles.
  • Added: GetMetadata method has been added to ITileCache interface. This allows extracting additional information such as data extent, layers, etc.
  • Fixed: PointPlacement annotates the smallest part of a polygon instead of the largest one.
  • Fixed: TileCacheGenerator throws an exception when Cairo renderer is used.
  • Fixed: Projection parser throws an exception if PARAMETER element in WKT follows UNIT element.
  • Fixed: Incomplete labeling of a map view when Buffer parameter is greater than 0.
  • Fixed: Incorrect positioning of a label when graphic symbol is GlyphsGraphicSymbol.
  • Fixed: Offset geometry transformation function is not applied when one of the arguments equals 0.
  • Fixed: Layer extent is computed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: An issue of mixed-up coordinates when a WKB has Z value.
  • Fixed: An internal exception is thrown when WGSBounds property is not empty and map projection is EPGS:4326.
  • Improved: Coordinate reference system is detected automatically from layers as it is not provided explicitly.
  • Improved: Dynamic link libraries (e.g., MapSurfer.Native.xXX.dll) have been rebuilt using Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015.
  • Improved: Improved performance of data source provider instantination.
  • Improved: Shape, GeoJson and OSM data source providers can download data via http and extract them from compressed files such as zip, bz2 or tar.gz.
  • Upgraded: protobuf-net library has been upgraded to version
  • Upgraded: Newtonsoft.Json library has been upgraded to version
  • Upgraded: MySql.Data library has been upgraded to version
  • Upgraded: GDAL library dependency has been upgraded to version 1.11.3.


  • New: Module for reading CartoCSS stylesheets.
  • Fixed: Shape data source provider crashes when a shape record does not have MBR field, i.e. shape type is point.
  • Fixed: Shape data source provider is not able to properly detect dbf encoding.
  • Fixed: Multiple errors in GDI renderer when ScaleFactor is greater than 1.
  • Fixed: Incorrect line drawing when DashArray element of Stroke has an odd number of elements.
  • Fixed: OGR data source provider is not able to detect geometry field in a CSV file.
  • Fixed: MbTiles storage exclusively locks database even when ReadOnly mode is specified.
  • Fixed: Vector tiles data source provider does not support direct reading from MbTiles storage.
  • Fixed: Incorrect decoding of complex geometries in vector tiles.
  • Improved: Better performance in decoding of vector tiles.
  • Improved: MbTiles storage supports relative paths.


  • Added: A check if the required rights are granted to the destination folder when a tile cache is configured.
  • Added: New option which allows generating high resolution (retina) tiles.
  • Improved: Representation of news in RSS listbox in WelcomeScreen window.
  • Improved: Store the file extension of a previously opened project file.
  • Fixed: Unhandled exception when a project has EPSG:4326 coordinate system.


  • Improved: From this point, the installer requires to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 instead of previous version Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2013.
  • Improved: More detailed message when a tile generation process was interrupted by an exception.
  • Changed: osr_csharp.dll has been moved from \Core\Plugins\Providers\OGR to \Core folder.