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tomauer and others added some commits Dec 5, 2012
@tomauer tomauer Creating new feature module. 341319b
@tomauer tomauer Feature model skeleton. b49802f
@tomauer tomauer Continued feature clicking work. 0ac96e9
@tomauer tomauer More feature skeleton. 2338922
@tomauer tomauer Adding sql function. Works. 0daaa04
@tomauer tomauer Processing data. cf300d2
@tomauer tomauer Almost done with processing and layout. b0e988b
@tomauer tomauer Finished layout, content, and style. f9ed8f7
@tomauer tomauer Handled all the common sense gui stuff (map marker, removing dialog, …
…clicking multiple times, etc.)
@tomauer tomauer Limit results to 10, clean up layout. 5cbf6c4
@tomauer tomauer Removing Wax interaction. 520c6a7
@tomauer tomauer Wrapping up lat/long queries for now. 9b2c316
@tomauer tomauer Changing the lat/lng header for feature click. d881f17
@tomauer tomauer Adding source and type buttons to feature results. 83e92e7
@tomauer tomauer No dialog nor map marker if there are no results. af8bccf
@tomauer tomauer Don't feature query layers that are toggled off. 3eafd51
@jmalczyk jmalczyk Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/new-feature-metadata' in…
…to feature/new-feature-metadata
@jmalczyk jmalczyk Remove cartodb-gmapsv3.js and wax.g.js. adds in custom getTile for Mo…
…L overlayMapType.
@jmalczyk jmalczyk Remove wax and cartodb libraries and add a map-mouse-stop event. 6e3356d
@tomauer tomauer Commenting out cursor management code, due to restriction by Google M…
@tomauer tomauer Disabling layer mouse-over cursor changing. 73e2891
@tomauer tomauer Added a toggle button to layers to turn layer clicking on and off. c98d4b7
@tomauer tomauer Fixed layer highlighting and styling in new tiling class. 50375bd
@jmalczyk jmalczyk Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/HEAD' into feature/new-feature-m…

@jmalczyk jmalczyk merged commit 540adeb into develop Mar 15, 2013
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