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This directory contains a Google App Engine app. It can be deployed to App Engine or run in development mode: --disable_static_caching --use_sqlite .

Note that the application depends on a file name auth.txt with Google Earth Engine credentials. See auth.txt.example to see what it looks like.

This directory also contains the script can be used to bulkload shapefiles to Google Fusion Tables. It supports specifying the max number of polygons (rows) per table. It also supports uploading in parallel using multiprocessing.


Type --help for full usage information:

$ ./ --help
Usage: [options]

  -h, --help    show this help message and exit
  -d DIR        Directory containing the Shapefiles.
  -t TABLE      Base table name.
  -e EMAIL      The GMail address used for authentication.
  -f CONFIG     The config YAML file.
  -n MAX_ROWS   Maximum polygons per table.
  -p PROCESSES  Number of processes.
  -c CHUNKS     Number of chunks per process.

Here's an example run:

$ ./ -d /data/jetz/cody -t mol-test-run -e -f creds.yaml -n 1000


The -f command line option points to a configuration file with your OAuth client id and secret. See creds.yaml.example to see what it should look like.

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