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Mapotempo Optimizer API Build Status

Run an optimizer REST API depending of many contraints for a Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP).


For ruby, bundler and gems, rbenv or rvm are recommanded.

On Ubuntu

sudo apt install libssl-dev libyaml-dev
  • Depending on the Ubuntu version, libssl 1.0 may not be available. Then the following may fix the issue.
sudo add-apt-repository 'deb bionic-security main'
sudo apt update
sudo apt install libssl1.0-dev
  • Ruby 2.5.5 (if not using rbenv/rvm)
sudo apt install ruby-full
  • redis-server
sudo apt install redis-server
  • Start redis service
sudo systemctl enable redis-server.service
  • libgeos-dev
sudo apt install libgeos-dev libgeos-3.7.1
  • libicu-dev
sudo apt install libicu-dev

On Mac OS

brew install redis
brew install geos


gem install bundler
bundle install

This project requires some solver and interface projects in order to be fully functionnal!

Note : when updating OR-Tools you should to recompile optimizer-ortools.

By default, Optimizer-API and the related projects are supposed to be in parallel folders as follows:

Project folders

We recommand to use a symbolic link to point the OR-Tools asset.

  ln -s or-tools_Debian-10-64bit_v7.8.7959 or-tools


Adjust config/environments files.


bundle exec rackup [-p 1791]

And in production mode:

APP_ENV=production bundle exec rackup [-p 1791]

Start Redis and then start the worker

APP_ENV=production COUNT=5 QUEUE=* bundle exec rake resque:workers


The API is defined in Swagger format at http://localhost:1791/0.1/swagger_doc and can be tested with Swagger-UI

curl -X POST --header "Content-Type:application/json" --data '{"vrp":{"vehicles":[]}}' http://localhost:1791/0.1/vrp/submit.json?api_key=demo


Run tests:

APP_ENV=test bundle exec rake test

If you want to get information about how long each test lasts:

TIME=true HTML=true APP_ENV=test bundle exec rake test

This generates a report with test times. You can find the report in optimizer-api/test/html_reports folder.

If you want to run a specific test file (let's say real_cases_periodic_test.rb file only):

APP_ENV=test bundle exec rake test TEST=test/real_cases_periodic_test.rb

If you want to run only one specific test (let's say test_instance_clustered test only) you can use focus or call:

APP_ENV=test bundle exec rake test TESTOPTS="--name=test_instance_clustered"

Tests are splitted into several sets and you can replay only one or more set(s):

APP_ENV=test bundle exec rake test:api
APP_ENV=test bundle exec rake test:api test:models

You can list all available tasks with:

bundle exec rake -T

You can add your own tests on specific Vehicle Routing Problem (for instance data from real cases). Let's see how to create a new test called "new_test". You will find template for test in test/real_cases_test.rb

Before creating test, you need to capture scenario, in order to have a static image of your problem, insensitive to the routers edits.

Add your test JSON file into test/fixtures/. Now to create your test, just copy test template in test/wrappers/real_cases_test.rb, or any equivalent file. Once launched, the dump file of the problem will be created and put aswell in test/fixtures as following:

  • new_test.dump file corresponding to complete vrp with calculated matrices if not provided

If you create a test by using .dump, your test will fail as soon as vrp model is changed. Just run following task to update fixtures:

TEST_DUMP_VRP=true APP_ENV=test bundle exec rake test TEST=test/real_cases_test.rb

Note: you can update a test and run the modified scenario with new vrp .json:

bundle exec rackup [-p 1791]
COUNT=5 QUEUE=* bundle exec rake resque:workers
curl -X POST --header "Content-Type:application/json" --data @test/fixtures/my_test.json http://localhost:1791/0.1/vrp/submit.json?api_key=key

If you don't want to run some long real cases tests you can deactive them:

SKIP_REAL_CASES=true APP_ENV=test bundle exec rake test

Github Actions

To test on Github Actions with a optimizer-ortools different than the latest version, specify in your Actions configuration the following environment variable : OPTIMIZER_ORTOOLS_VERSION with you github owner nick.