Python application for slicing large images into small tiles
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MappedJS image-slicer

Python application for slicing large images into small tiles. mjs-imageslicer is part of MappedJS application

usage examples

# smallest usage example
$ python -i image/foo-1.png -o image/dist/
# slicing multiple images at once
$ python -i image/foo-1.png image/bar/foo-2.png -o image/dist/
# slicing with options
$ python -i image/foo-1.png -o image/dist/ -p img/ -t 512 -s 512 -m 256 -e png


-i or --input (required)

* type: string
* arguments: 1+
* description: path of source files(s)

-o or --output (required)

* type: string
* arguments: 1
* description: path of destination

-s or --size (optional)

* type: integer
* default: 512
* arguments: 1
* description: size of one tile

-m or --minsize (optional)

* type: integer
* default: 128
* arguments: 1
* description: minimum size of one tile

-z or --zoom (optional)

* type: float
* default: [0.8, 1.2]
* arguments: 2
* description: minimum zoom of smallest image and maximum zoom of largest image

-t or --thumbSize (optional)

* type: integer
* default: 10
* arguments: 1
* description: maximum width or height of thumbnail in percentage relative to original size

-p or --path (optional)

* type: string
* default: ""
* arguments: 1
* description: path information for image paths in JSON output

-c or --clearfolder (optional)

* type: boolean
* default: False
* arguments: 1
* description: use with care: deletes all contents of output-folder

-e or --extension (optional)

* type: string
* default: jpg
* arguments: 1
* description: extension of output


mjs-imageslicer requires python to run.


See bsd-2-clause-license for details