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  1. fpm Public

    A tool to transform geographical data into an OSM compatible format. Which can be used with all OSM tools like JOSM, OSRM, ...

    Java 10 14

  2. Un support pour la présentation au meet-up C++ :

    C++ 3

  3. mapbox-gl-native Public archive

    Forked from mapbox/mapbox-gl-native

    Render Mapbox styles in mobile, desktop, and node applications using C++ and OpenGL

    C++ 1 1

  4. Forked from tilezen/mapbox-vector-tile

    Python package for encoding & decoding Mapbox Vector Tiles


  5. pycnik Public

    Translator from Python code to Mapnik XML

    Python 9 5

  6. A Leaflet plugin to center the map not in the center of the map but inside a DIV. Useful for responsive design.

    JavaScript 107 18


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