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[QMS-5] App crashes on using the "Change Start Point" filter
[QMS-6] Enhance overview detection for VRT maps
[QMS-8] Incorrect elevation for fit files from GPSMAP 66s
[QMS-12] Unify versions of all QMapShack tools
[QMS-13] Add support for Garmin Edge 500
[QMS-14] Drawing track: Alternate mode O A V T with a simple key with no modifiers
[QMS-18] Improved explanation of 'Date equals'
[QMS-19] Invalid GPX due to :: in ql namespace
[QMS-20] Windows Start Menu - change links from bitbucket to github
[QMS-22] Aviation units: nm for distances and feet for altitude
[QMS-27] Error in workspace search for attributes
[QMS-31] Fix all links to Bitbucket in the code
[QMS-53] Unload Garmin Archive when folder is deflated
[QMS-54] Invalid point cannot be deactivated when tracks are read from the navigation device

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@kiozen kiozen released this Sep 20, 2019 · 57 commits to dev since this release

Github All Releases

[Issue #446] Advanced Filtering System
[Issue #491] Skip saving of geo search
[Issue #493] "Clone Waypoint and Move Clone" does not Respect Chosen Units
[Issue #488] Printing Preview
[Issue #494] BRouter segments download error
[Issue #499] Screen overflow German localisation on a Notebook with 1.600 x 900 pixel
[Issue #500] Tab order in Filter Cycle dialog is confused
[Issue #498 ] BRouter setup issue (Windows)
Add: Computation of "Energy Use Cycling" (consumption) for cycling tours

Assets 6
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