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Releases: Maproom/qmapshack


12 Dec 06:55
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[QMS-547] Fixed: QMS freezes on zoom when activating multi-layered online maps
[QMS-622] Update BRouter setup (install from github)
[QMS-623] remove use of QTimer in BRouter startup error detection
[QMS-630] BRouter on-the-fly routing cannot be canceled
[QMS-649] Replace proj strings by EPSG code in CRS definitions

For Windows binaries please have a look at
For MacOS binaries please have a look at
For AppImages please have a look at


20 Jul 14:23
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[QMS-429] Bad OSM Tag formatting crashes QMS
[QMS-470] Windows build scripts: adapt for release v1.16.1
|QMS-476] Color the map by elevation
[QMS-480] QMapShack for macOS build scripts
[QMS-483] Add alpha transparency based hillshading
[QMS-487] Add tooltips for DEM controls
[QMS-489] Track selection 0-index bug
[QMS-490] Potentially incorrect slope shading opacity for slope value NOFLOAT
[QMS-499] Disable close action for projects with autom. sync. to device
[QMS-503] BRouter Version 1.6.3 local setup fails
[QMS-507] QMapTool: Early projection validity check
[QMS-517] GPX-tracks are not displayed if lon or lat are invariant over the entire track
[QMS-518] Enable edit for timestamps of waypoints
[QMS-522] Change URLs of built-in maps from http to https
[QMS-526] Fix deprecation warnings
[QMS-535] Loading a map view does not reset the layer checkboxes
[QMS-537] Moving items to drop zone removes them from workspace
[QMS-540] MacOS: Updating bundle with GEOS and proper GDAS binaries
[QMS-542] Changed drag`n drop in workspace
[QMS-551] Set QDateTime short format back to Qt::ISODate
[QMS-555] Rearrange widgets in IFilterSpeedCycle.ui for small screen resolution
[QMS-557] Add FilterSplitTrack
[QMS-560] Fix FilterSplitTrack to include all track points
[QMS-571] MacOS build scripts and CMakeLists.txt changed (ARM/Intel, fixed)
[QMS-572] Added support for more decimals in GPS timestamps
[QMS-586] Added support for AIS realtime source
[QMS-591] MacOS build adapted for new Quazip version / preperation for brew package
[QMS-594] Java version check fails in BRouter setup
[QMS-606] Better hillshading with high resolution Lidar data
[QMS-608] Update local copy of alglib
[QMS-610] Replace uncrustify by clang-format
[QMS-612] Optimize DEM rendering by using a thread pool
[QMS-615] Syntax error when compiling QMS for Windows

For MacOS binaries please have a look at

For Windows binaries please have a look at


04 Dec 11:20
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[QMS-396] Save route sub-points as ordinary route points in case of track routing
[QMS-400] Set focus in text field
[QMS-401] Crash when using "select items on map" with a large amount of items
[QMS-412] Track: Endless loop for user defined limits min 0.
[QMS-414] Last point information not fully displayed in the range tool window
[QMS-421] Change of map view name is not taken into account in POI tab
[QMS-427] Adding new map paths is broken
[QMS-436] Store/restore name of map view
[QMS-438] Replace 'exportToProj4' by 'exportToWkt' to preserve "towgs84" datum shift when needed.
[QMS-439] Add number of tracks in a project in headline in detail project track
[QMS-441] "Hide invalid points" does not hide anything when 1st trackpoint has no elevation data
[QMS-444] Fix wrong link to POI path setup in Spanish translation file
[QMS-449] Early call to abort() in CLogHandler.cpp (Windows version)
[QMS-453] QMS crashes when first layer in TMS is


24 May 09:24
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[QMS-220] "Select items from map" misses items
[QMS-275] Routino: Add Spanish and Czech as selectable languages for turn instructions
[QMS-279] Track metrics not updated when using UNDO / REDO in Edit mode
[QMS-282] Tags icons/rating disappear from workspace after saving and closing a project
[QMS-285] WMTS-based maps aren't restored correctly
[QMS-297] Add GUI framework for POI databases
[QMS-299] CEnergyCycling is storing it's configuration in the General section instead of it's own.
[QMS-301] Load POI file
[QMS-303] Add POI icons
[QMS-307] Optimization of POI query
[QMS-311] Automatically save projects to device
[QMS-313] UX improvements for POIs
[QMS-314] Fix/Add POI categories
[QMS-315] Make POI Icons User-Selectable
[QMS-317] Enable user to add POI to project via right-click
[QMS-318] Change poi_t to use radians
[QMS-321] Improve name selection for POI
[QMS-322] Make POIs show up in 'Select Items On Map'
[QMS-337] Upgrade to Proj 8 API
[QMS-343] .fit files from Suunto app have many trackpoints with elevation = 0
[QMS-344] Better integration of new PROJ lib into cmake build system
[QMS-349] Upgrade to Quazip Qt5 V1.x
[QMS-353] "Select Items on Map" does not update when items are removed
[QMS-354] Refactor the code to get rid of clazy warnings
[QMS-360] Fix compile flags for Windows 64bit
[QMS-362] Fit files containing more than one developer data ID cannot be opened. e.g. from a Garmin FR 935 and a connected Stryd footpod
[QMS-363] GIS items missing in projects loaded from file or database
[QMS-371] Crash while loading geocache from TwoNav device
[QMS-373] Refine templates to hide comments
[QMS-375] On-screen profile window has no close button
[QMS-378] Add option to link map views
[QMS-380] Toggle fullscreen does not work
[QMS-382] QMapTool: Allow customized GDAL parameters
[QMS-384] Add Garmin Fit power data to support powermeter pedals
[QMS-389] Crash when loading/drawing POIs
[QMS-391] Adapt Windows build scripts to PROJ.8/Quazip 1.x


07 Dec 16:17
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[QMS-264] Windows: adapt build scripts for 1.15.1 release
[QMS-265] Configuring BRouter offline on MacOS crashes
[QMS-268] Crash after closing project where range is being selected
[QMS-270] Windows: rename LICENSE file to 1LICENSE.txt
[QMS-273] Windows: install Help search index files


27 Nov 07:13
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[QMS-158] Change Routino Profiles search for [prefix-]profiles.xml
[QMS-216] QMapShack does not compile with Qt-5.15
[QMS-217] Fix crash due to faulty profiles.xml
[QMS-223] Add additional filter properties
[QMS-231] Improve English spelling
[QMS-235] Save track profile window's geometry when window gets closed
[QMS-240] Fix negative courses in the ruler tool
[QMS-244] Unable to create rotino database (planetsplitter: cannot open file)
[QMS-247] Build error: "Target "qmapshack" links to target "Qt5::Positioning" but the target was not found"
[QMS-254] MySQL: QMapShack does not automatically reconnect
[QMS-257] Import gpx file to group folder does not trigger update
[QMS-260] QMapTool: Enhance cut tool to work with files containig reference information
[QMS-262] Wrong timestamp when loading FIT


14 Jun 10:38
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[QMS-68] Route Optimization
[QMS-132] DEMs: Make the scale range control cut off not only rendering but also loading or requesting the data.
[QMS-134] Rework track range selection from scratch
[QMS-135] Improved French translation
[QMS-140] Enhancements for OS X release
[QMS-146] Fix issues with built-in online maps
[QMS-148] Misplaced track info window
[QMS-151] Missing tooltip in route toolbar
[QMS-153] Improved French translation
[QMS-156] Request to unmount systemdrive on startup
[QMS-164] Workspace filter is not applied to newly loaded projects
[QMS-165] OSX: GIS files not loaded when clicked
[QMS-172] Select action "for all" in Database Conflict
[QMS-173] Misleading help text for DEM range slider
[QMS-178] Automate list of code contributors in about dialog
[QMS-183] Backward range selection causing small issues
[QMS-192] Fix URLs still pointing to the bitbucket wiki
[QMS-201] Fix GDAL deprecation warnings
[QMS-204] Garmin Map: Fix crash because of bad codec number
[QMS-207] Fixing Availability of Geocaches

Release V1.14.1

27 Mar 08:13
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[QMS-37] Inconsistent use of time zones
[QMS-43] Individual filter for each project
[QMS-49] Add "elevation limit" to DEM to highlight elevation above the limit
[QMS-58] Windows Build and Installer: use PROJ 6.2
[QMS-59] Version information in window title does not contain VERSION_SUFFIX "development"
[QMS-64] Cleanup code in IUnit and subclasses
[QMS-73] Info of a geocache is not correctly shown in Copy Element Window
[QMS-79] Possibility to 'star' Waypoints
[QMS-80] Use ASAN to enhance code quality
[QMS-83] Application Crash
[QMS-89] Geo search hidden after restarting QMapShack
[QMS-100] Avoid whitespaces in project name and keywords
[QMS-108] Integrate Wiki Page as help dialog
[QMS-109] Direct link to geocaching logging page
[QMS-111] Geocaching logging page - only 1 server used
[QMS-116] Filter edit field lost
[QMS-118] Too much whitespace in extended search help window
[QMS-119] Better handling of disabled and archived geocaches
[QMS-125] Missing icon for not available geocache
[QMS-126] Wrong results searching for geocache status
[QMS-122] Windows: support for offline help

Release V1.14.0

01 Nov 07:16
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[QMS-5] App crashes on using the "Change Start Point" filter
[QMS-6] Enhance overview detection for VRT maps
[QMS-8] Incorrect elevation for fit files from GPSMAP 66s
[QMS-12] Unify versions of all QMapShack tools
[QMS-13] Add support for Garmin Edge 500
[QMS-14] Drawing track: Alternate mode O A V T with a simple key with no modifiers
[QMS-18] Improved explanation of 'Date equals'
[QMS-19] Invalid GPX due to :: in ql namespace
[QMS-20] Windows Start Menu - change links from bitbucket to github
[QMS-22] Aviation units: nm for distances and feet for altitude
[QMS-27] Error in workspace search for attributes
[QMS-31] Fix all links to Bitbucket in the code
[QMS-53] Unload Garmin Archive when folder is deflated
[QMS-54] Invalid point cannot be deactivated when tracks are read from the navigation device


20 Sep 08:13
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[Issue #446] Advanced Filtering System
[Issue #491] Skip saving of geo search
[Issue #493] "Clone Waypoint and Move Clone" does not Respect Chosen Units
[Issue #488] Printing Preview
[Issue #494] BRouter segments download error
[Issue #499] Screen overflow German localisation on a Notebook with 1.600 x 900 pixel
[Issue #500] Tab order in Filter Cycle dialog is confused
[Issue #498 ] BRouter setup issue (Windows)
Add: Computation of "Energy Use Cycling" (consumption) for cycling tours