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Browseable pages from the W3C Maps for HTML Community Group
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This repository defines the home page for, the GitHub Pages website for the W3C Maps For HTML Community Group.

The home page is an index of useful resources about the group and its work. Source code is in the index.html file. Please file an issue or make a pull request to suggest updates or new links.

GitHub Pages is also used to host the editor's draft versions of our reports, including the MapML spec and the HTML map element proposal. These files are hosted in their individual repositories.


Maps on the Web have evolved significantly over the years. Yet in all that time, maps and the mapping community have not become significant contributors to the Web standards community. There are many reasons for this, but it is possible that one major cause is due to the lack of a common Web format for maps.

MapML aims to be a simple format which strictly relies on existing Web standards and best practices with special emphasis on URLs and simple hypertext for state transitions, and standard styling techniques. The objective is to enable the convergence of modern Web mapping into the main stream of Web standards, to the mutual benefit of both the web and mapping communities.

Maps4HTML Community Group

MapML is being developed by the W3C Maps For HTML Community Group. Membership in that group is encouraged, however you do not have to join to use the information found here. However, if you wish to contribute, please join the Maps For HTML Community Group, and help us make the Web a map-friendly platform for everyone, everywhere!

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