A customised built-in <map> element https://maps4html.github.io/Web-Map-Custom-Element/
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…detectImagePath method of M.MapMLLayer. There is some magic about the global L variable that the M variable doesn't match, for reasons not understood by me, yet.
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Customized Built-In <map> Element

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The Customized Built-In <map> Element is a prototype implementation of the HTML-Map-Element specification.

The HTML author can add MapML sources/layers by one or more the <layer- src="..."> elements as children of <map>. The map provides a default set of controls which are turned on or off with the map@controls boolean attribute. The @width and @height of the map should be specified either as attributes or via CSS rules. The initial zoom and location of the map are controlled by the @zoom and @lat, @lon attributes. The default projection is Web Mercator (OSMTILE).


<map is="web-map" zoom="3" lat="0" lon="0" width="800" height="400" controls>
    <layer- src="https://geogratis.gc.ca/mapml/en/osmtile/osm/" label="OpenStreetMap" checked></layer->

Maps4HTML Community Group

MapML and the web-map custom element area being developed by the W3C Maps For HTML Community Group. Membership in that group is encouraged, however you do not have to join to use the information found here. However, if you wish to contribute, please join the Maps For HTML Community Group, and help us make the Web a map-friendly platform for everyone, everywhere!