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Maptime tutorial to discuss map design, cartography tools through a hands-on FixWikiMaps workshop
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Collaborative Cartography Night: FixWikiMaps

October 7th, 2015

Summary: Tonight we will be working together in groups to make maps on Wikimedia more beautiful. We will be channeling the varied talents of all the awesome people at the meetup to talk about map making and design.

We'll be trying out a few different options for making maps using open source stacks. We'll use QGIS Print Composer to export maps to Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) documents. If you're scared by the sounds of desktop map-making software, don't worry - we're also going to try out CartoDB's Print API.

Wikimap 1: Top Ten Populous Places in the USA


Wikimap 2: Map of Louisiana's 64 Parishes

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