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CSS3 Ribbons Extension for Compass

by: Derek Perez (derek[at]derekperez[dot]com) / Chris Eppstein (chris[at]eppsteins[dot]net)
Simply awesome and customizable CSS3 Ribbon mixin for compass. Just like the Github Ribbons!


to use CSS3 Ribbons, simply import (@import "css3-ribbons") the stylesheet into your Sass/Scss document, and call the +ribbon mixin.
(eg: +ribbon("#ribbon"))

NOTE: your markup should look similar to this:

<div id="ribbon-container"><div id="ribbon"><h2><a href="">Fork me on Github!</a></h2></div></div>


The ribbon mixin has a very customizable API:

=ribbon(selector, [bg-color: #a00 position: top-left, text-color: #fff, length: 250px])

The position argument can be one of the follow:

  • top-left
  • bottom-left
  • top-right
  • bottom-right


The CSS3 Ribbons gem is available from

gem install css3-ribbons

to install css3-ribbons into your compass project, do the following:

compass install css3-ribbons -r css3-ribbons


inspired by These Awesome GitHub Ribbons and the initial css concept was inspired by this blog post post. credit to for creating the initial CSS idea.

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