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RoboTommy robotics platform

RoboTommy is an open source project devoted to be a universal platform for robotics, electronics and programming beginners. In construction emphasis was placed on broad capabilities of the robot in combination with low demands on the tinkerer.

RoboTommy was created as a support tool for robotic classes and summer camps in SVC Luzanky in Brno by Martin Ptacek, Petr Vavra, Martin Coufal and Marek Coufal.

This robotic platform is based upon 3D printed differential chassis with DC engines controlled by H bridges. For control purposes a combination of Aruino Nano Atmega328 and Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 microcontrollers is used.

To add custom mechanical features or edit RoboTommy please visit, log in and search for "RoboTommy" project. To check electrical scheme and control MainBoard layout, please visit

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