Currently 10kHz to 15Mhz receiver (with proper BPF) using AD9835 as frequency source, controlled by ATmega644PA (with bootloader). It supports firmware upgrades and filter width (CW/SSB) button selection. IR remote is supported by hardware, software is pending. TX part is under development as will be ICOM CI-V compatible interface.
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Direct Conversion TRX 

Author: Martin Sivak <>
Based on the following projects and books:

Schematics is in directory sch/
Firmware in directory firmware/
Bootloader in directory bootloader/


- full TRX for HF bands (mainly 40m and 20m)
- DDS controlled
- RX: direct conversion with switchable attenuator and CW/SSB filter
- TX: CW QRP level output (5W)
- portable operation
- external BPF
- PC interface (probably Icom based to make it compatible with existing tools)
- IR remote control to supplement integrated buttons


AD9835 DDS (mclk 50Mhz, 14Mhz LPF)
ATmega 644PA (int. osc. 8Mhz)
standard LCD 16x2, 4bit mode
IR demodulator SFH5110-38
rotary encoder
4 buttons