Some tools used for Pebble firmware.
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Pebble Firmware Utils

Some tools used for Pebble firmware. All tools written by me are licensed by GPL2, others are property by their corresponding developers. Now include:

by SouthWolf@github

It will download the latest firmware for Pebble.

original version by xndcn@github and SouthWolf@github, improved by MarSoft@github usage: " normal.pbz [output_dir]"

It will extrack files and resources from normal.pbz Using from, thanks!

Update checksums and pack firmware package with modified resources or tintin_fw binary

Calculates CRC sum of given file

Tool to translate interface of watch to most languages. Uses data in .po format, available at

Simple variant of assembler made to ease process of patching firmware to implement missing functionality or change other stuff. This program applies patches writen in assembler-like language to tintin_fw.bin file from firmware

Uses data in custom .pbp format. Particular patches are available at

A tool which takes hexadecimal address, which is a memory address of string or function (for functions you should use odd number, i.e. actual address + 1). It will find all (or most of) references to that address in given tintin binary. It supports direct references (aligned by 4), BL and B.W references (aligned by 2).

This tool takes out relocation table for API functions from libpebble.a from SDK and converts it to IDA's IDC format. Note that resulting file must be further tweaked for your firmware.

Displays b&w image from either tintin binary (by offset) or from resource file using '#' for white and ' ' for black.

Obsolete and currently unsupported project. It prepares a Pebble app project to use for repacking resource bundle (pbpack).