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In your new publish_blog folder, you will spot a mkdocs.yml. This file allows you to customize your blog! The most important to edit :

  1. site_name
  2. site_description
  3. site_url (critical) : By default, it's

To edit the logo and the favicon, first put the chosen file in assets/logo, and change logo and favicon :

  1. logo: assets/logo/logo_name.png
  2. favicon: assets/logo/favicon.png

You can customize :

  • Font
  • Color scheme, palette, icons
  • Language

Check the documentation to get more information

You don't need to touch anything in features ; markdown_extensions…

Local testing (optional)

To run locally the blog, you need to install the requirements and run mkdocs serve.

cd publish_blog
pip install -r requirements.txt
mkdocs serve

The blog will be published through GitHub Page using the gh-page branch. In case your blog is not published through mkdocs :

  • Check the gh-pages branch and activate it if necessary in SettingsPages : image
  • Check if workflow run normally :
    • Check the run and error in Actions
    • Check if the actions have the good write and read access in settings → Actions → General → workflow permission image


  1. You can found the link in Repository settings > Pages.