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A bare-bones Django project with all of the django-eve projects included. See the README for more details on the sub-projects.
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django-eve is an effort to provide a solid foundation for developers to build EVE-Online related sites from. Features include importing data from the CCP dump, as well as modules for querying the EVE API to update more dynamic things like alliances, corporations, etc.

The software is all written in Python, and utilizes the excellent Django web development framework.


django-eve ecosystem

This particular Google Code project (django-eve) is merely a template and a hub for the django-eve effort. This project is merely a suggested project layout to start from with the necessary settings in A number of sub-projects provide the actual functionality. You may find them listed below:

  • django-eve-db - Django models and importers for the CCP data dump. This lets you worry less about SQL, and more about getting your project out of the door.
  • django-eve-proxy - An EVE data API proxy/cache application. This is useful for when you want to query the API but don't want to deal with cache recycle times yourself. django-eve-api may also be set up like a traditional EVE data API proxy service if you require it for Javascript or third party usage. Note that this app performs no parsing of the results from the API, see django-eve-api for that.
  • django-eve-api - A set of Django models meant to make querying the EVE data API trivial. All parsing of the data returned by the API is handled, as are cache recycle times via django-eve-proxy.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started developing EVE software with django-eve is to follow the installation instructions found in the docs/INSTALL.rst file. This will get you running quickly and easily.


This software and all related projects are primarily developed by Blackman Industries, a software consulting and development EVE Corporation. Please consider sending ISK if this software has saved you time or benefited you.


For support, you may either file an issue in our issue tracker, or send a message to our mailing list.

You may also connect to our IRC room on the ColdFront network

  • Host:
  • Port: 6667
  • Room: #django-eve
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