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+data-behaviors is an unobstrusive open-source behaviors library built on top of jQuery and the jQuery UI and uses all the best jQuery plugins
+data-behaviors utilizes HTML5s new <a href = ">""data- attributes"</a>, while still maintaining backwards compatibility with IE6
+data-behaviors was built from the ground up to help facilitate in the creation of quick, relatively rich, javascript user interfaces.
+key goals :
+make the library and API as simple as possible. (see usage docs)
+fulfill the majority (we aim for 80%) of the needs of a rich UI out of the box, with no configuration while still allowing developers to customize the additional 20% with no artificial roadblocks or poorly thought out library architecture
+eliminating the need to piece together various jQuery plugins for your project over and over again
+be so unobstrusive that no one on your dev team will have any excuse to not love the library!<ul><li>BUILD.chart</li><li>BUILD.chart.area</li><li></li><li>BUILD.chart.pie</li><li>BUILD.grid</li><li>BUILD.grid.complex</li><li>BUILD.grid.custom</li></ul><h1>views</h1><ul></ul>
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