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node_mailer sucks #20

Marak opened this Issue · 11 comments

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Are any of the other mailer libraries good enough to warrant depreciating this library, or should we push forward?


I like

Not a lot of followers yet but it is really feature packed and put together well.


It seems good, but I don't have much time to test throughly. I'll keep supporting this library until there is a clear better solution.


Just noticed emailjs --


Does anyone know which has the most solid SMTP implementation? I think the best course of action for the node_mailer project at this point would be to vendor one of the other libs for its SMTP library and then build a slightly friendly API on top that replicates the current node_mailer API.


SMTP alone isn't hard at all, but there are a ton of extensions people use that you'll want to implement.


Could you tell me some of them? I only see auth extensions as essential..


Okay, it's been decided that this library will.....LIVE.

Backup troops are incoming with a new version in the next couple of weeks. The current version is operational, but I'd be wary of using it for sending any large lists or really important messages.


New version of the library has been completed thanks to @bmeck and @andris9. There is a blog post coming soon explaining the changes. Until then, the code is all published and live...get at it!


I was testing several libraries and Nodemailer ( works for me.


@balor We are using NodeMailer as a dep now, did you read the whole thread? I'm closing this now to avoid further confusion.

@Marak Marak closed this
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