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1. Done, prepare for version update

Current: 1.2.2 Tuturu

2. To do/modify/polish

  • Clean up and set up universal style for a:hover inside (z)
  • tooltip hover in text (z)
  • rect effect and improve panopticon eye (z)
  • RSS feed to split up and choose feeds

3. To research, experiment and build

  • contact form (z)

4. Waiting list

  • Transition between homepage > subpages (x)
  • Put back cv download after rework (z)
  • lazyload CV > ludo (z)
  • carousel/grid for MTG cards (y)
  • optimize index videos (z)
  • add new videos (z)
  • panopticon voyeur links (z)

5. Archived


  • RSS feed for texts
  • combine and minify css
  • combine and minify js


  • Audio player
  • better style for blockquotes in texts
  • bientôt l'été and mirror's edge plane optimized
  • cycle(s) and à malin added

1.2.0 "Time to go mobile!" Baneposting

  • Optimize webm in CV > ludo
  • Rework header in RWD (y)
  • optimize EVERYTHING graphical (images, webm, icons) (global y)
  • check if gzip is enabled, I think it is but they keep saying it's not (z)
  • RSS feed for blog (z)
  • Build version section for panopticon with github link to here, version number/title/emote (y)
  • Open/Close main nav, begin RWD (y)
  • @media queries font size (y, maybe z)

1.0.6 "Dustforce squad coming through" duDuDu

  • Check meta tags on all main pages (z)
  • Clean up < br > on all main pages, switch to styling < p > margin instead (z)
  • Rebuild fullscreen cover intro image for texts
  • Optimize images
  • Choose image to display for twitter:image and og:image on each text
  • Add alt description for images on all pages (1z)