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Video Game Radiostation Playlists

I can't leave this car because the song is so good.
- Gamer

What is it

Ever wanted to hear your favourite radio station from a video game IRL?
Well I wanted.

So I decided to recreate my favourite radio stations on Spotify. @h4llow3En additionally offered to mirror them on Apple Music. So here we bring you a list of Video Game Radio Station.

What is in it

In every file you find links to the respective playlist and a table of songs with artists that are played on the radio station.

Gand Theft Auto


Saints Row

Sleeping Dogs


Unfortunately there are songs that are not on Spotify or Apple Music so some of the Playlists are incomplete. Another thing is, that some of the specific mixes are not available. So we try to provide a similar version if the song. Sometimes songs are under some kind of region lock I guess. (At least on Spotify you can see songs that are not available) For those songs we also try to provide a similar version. Sometimes songs get removed from platforms. If the documents state, the song is available but you cannot find it, it is probably that case. (On Spotify there is a hidden option to show unavailable songs. This can help you identify the problem.)

Because of that there are indicators in the lists.

  • ✓ Indicates that the song is available on the specific platform
  • (✓) Indicates that not the correct version of the song is available on the specific platform
  • ? Indicates an unclear status about the version of the song (This is applied to most of the classical pieces)
  • ✗ Indicates the song is missing on the platform
  • (✗) Indicates the song was probably removed


You found a mistake in one of the lists or a better version of a song or the song is now available. Let us know
Feel free to add other radio station and submit them. There is a template which you can use to add other radio stations. For more information have a look at the contribution guidelines

The Future

For now we will continue to add radio stations we like. You are welcome to contribute playlists on other platforms like Deezer or Amazon Music if this is somehow possible. I don't think, this list qualifies as awesome list, since it is more like a plain list than only awesome things. (Well, at least I think these Radio Stations are awesome.)

The Authors

Here is the list of the currently maintaining authors of the existing playlists:

Maybe you want to have a look at our other playlists as well.

Is it any good