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Liberty City Hardcore


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Title Artist On Spotify On Apple Music
A Day in the Life Murphy's Law
All Your Boyz Maximum Penalty
Back to Back Underdog
Enforcer Leeway
Injustice System Sick of It All
It's the Limit Cro-Mags
Just can't hate Enough Sheer Terror
Right Brigade Bad Brains
Tell Tale Killing Time
Victim in Pain Agnostic Front
Slaughter of the Soul At the Gates
Jailbait Drive By Audio
Inner Sanctum Celtic Frost
Drowned Entombed
Dead Embryonic Cells Sepultura
Blood Fire War Hate Soulfly
Dead by Dawn Deicide
I Cum Blood Cannibal Corpse (✓)
Call from the Grave Bathory
Awakening of the Gods Kreator
Fear of Napalm Terrorizer

Crossed out songs were removed from station in future game updates.

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