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What is it?

NetworkComms.Net was developed so that high performance network functionality could be effortlessly added to any .net product. We wanted to require little to no knowledge of networking to make things work first time alongside all of the desirable power features for more experienced network developers. Using our C# network library you can quickly and easily create an unlimited range of products taking advantage of:

  • Server to Clients – One to Many
  • Peer to Peer – Many to Many
  • Cloud to Client – Many to One
  • … and all configurations in-between!

Supported Environments

  • .net 2+ compatible languages (C#, VB .Net, F#, J#, C++/CLI etc)
  • Mono 2.10+ (Linux, Unity3D, MonoGame etc)
  • iOS (Xamarin.iOS)
  • Android (Xamarin.Android)
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Store (RT & Metro)


This project is made available under the Apache License v2. Please see the included LICENSE for more information.

MD5 - 58EDF8E7E856189AB7BB7A2A8DA2BD65
SHA1 - 768E990E222F3B621077361EE2804C27E2C9D062

We welcome contributions to setup NetworkComms.Net as a NuGet package.


Everything you need to know about getting started with NetworkComms.Net, including a short introduction video can be found here


For support and tutorials please start here