I implement the concepts learned on "Math for Game Developers" videos
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Math for Game Developers - C implementation with raylib

I implement the concepts learnt on "Math for Game Developers" videos (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW3Zl3wyJwWOpdhYedlD-yCB7WQoHf-My) using C and raylib.

I decided to follow this videos and apply them on these small C programs in order to learn some maths related with the videogames developement since I need to improve this aspect of my formation.

Playing the example

If you want to play the compiled example, you just need to download the MFGD_X Folder and open the .exe (You basically need the .exe and openAl32.dll)

All the examples will be soon ready to play in your browser!!! =D

Modifying/Compiling the source code

All the exemples were created using raylib. You can download it from www.raylib.com You will find all the information on www.raylib.com (Be sure to check http://www.raylib.com/examples.htm)