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A Virtual LOL cat- A Year 7 project


You can use this project from GitHub Pages, but the video's will not work in I.E. Alternatively feel free to fork the project or download a zip file. This project is designed to be self-paced, but the instructor may wish to set targets for students to complete each section. An outline of potential milestones is provided below.

Getting started

Open up the index.html to start the project. I recommend this is made available to the students rather than being presented to them. The project license (see is open, so feel free to remove the logos

Learning Journals

It is recommended that students keep a learning journal as they progress through the activity. This can include the objectives, what they have achieved, notes on the concepts and links to specific slides.

Proposed outline (untested as yet - will be updated)

Lesson Section(s) to reach Quiz SOC number
1 Making the Pet Get Hungry SOC-1814745
2 Customising your LOL Cat SOC-1814843
3-? Now it's your turn


As well as the two Socrative quizzes, students can be assessed on their finished projects, although the aim of this project is just to introduce some basic programming concepts to students.

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