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implement vi like keybindings for any windows editors using autohotkey tool
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This project implements vi like keys for any arbitrary editor like app on
windows as far as possible.

Eg w es emulated by <c-right> and e is emulated by <c-right> <left>

This is a rewrite of 
cleaning up the code removing much repetition.

implement searches:
/?*# (depend on window. Probably ctl-f can be used almost everywhere, but setting forward / backward might be different)

implement visual selection mode (needs state)

implement things like { } etc. Strategy: Copy whole buffer to clipboard, use
shift-END or such to find position of cursor
using this "current" line calculate movement options

Note: Don't think that this comes even close to Vim features. But it works everywhere

- make it switch off vi mode if user changes app manually eg by alt-tab
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