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LOOK AT which seems to be working with current ensime implementation (at least kind of)


the ENhanced Scala Interaction Mode for Emacs


  • Highlight errors and warnings in your code buffers.
  • Inspect the type of any expression.
  • Browse packages
  • Completion-on-demand for variables, methods, constructors, etc.
  • Jump to symbol definitions.
  • Automated Refactorings (rename, organize imports, extract method...)
  • Source Formatting
  • Finds sbt,Maven,Ivy dependencies
  • Scala REPL
  • Scala Debugger
  • Embedded sbt shell

Check out this (rather old)video or this one showcasing debugger support

System Requirements

  • Emacs 22 or later.
  • Unix-like OS or Windows. Note that you'll need to use bin/server.bat on windows.
  • Java Runtime
  • Scala 2.8 compatible source and libraries. ENSIME is built against the 2.8 nightly Scala releases.


Quick Start

1) Install scala-mode

ENSIME is designed to compliment scala-mode (or any other scala language mode). scala-mode can be found in the Scala distribution under ./misc/scala-tool-support/emacs/. The rest of the steps assume your scala-mode is installed and working correctly.

2) Install ensime-mode

Download the ENSIME distribution from the github downloads page. Unpack the ENSIME distribution into a directory of your choosing.

Add the following lines to your .emacs file:

;; Load the ensime lisp code...
(add-to-list 'load-path "ENSIME_ROOT/elisp/")
(require 'ensime)

;; This step causes the ensime-mode to be started whenever
;; scala-mode is started for a buffer. You may have to customize this step
;; if you're not using the standard scala mode.
(add-hook 'scala-mode-hook 'ensime-scala-mode-hook)

;; Open .scala file. M-x ensime (once per project)

3) Verify Permissions

Verify that the startup script (usually bin/ has executable permissions.

4) Create Project

In Emacs, execute M-x ensime-config-gen. Follow directions in the mini-buffer to create a .ensime file for your project..

5) Start ENSIME

Execute M-x ensime You only need to do this once per project.

Vim Notes

Not everything has been tested and implemented yet. However the most important features are working. Installation: See bottom

maintainers of this Vim related code: casualjim (github) (started porting the .scala code) MarcWeber (github) (rest)

this works:

  :Ensime                - start the server
  :EnsimeConnectionInfo  - should print some info
  :EnsimeRepl            - read eval print loop (See documentation of vim-addon-async)
  :EnsimeReformatSources - reformat source file and reload it into Vim (vim 7.3 can undo reloading so no care has to be taken)
  :EnsimeDefinition       - goto definition (only if its found in source file for now)
  :EnsimeShowTypeAtCursor - show type under cursor in preview window
  :EnsimeTypecheckAll     - typecheck all (smart sorting: show the errors of the current buffer you're in first)

  (scope, type (member), constructor) completion

- typechecking the files on bufwrite (is this annoying?)

- templates for .ensime files
- ...

Vim: Howto create the .enime project file?

Either use Emacs :-( or open it and use the provided snipmate snippet in vim/snippets/dot_ensime_config.snippets (quick & dirty solution which worked for me) I also partially implemented a different parsing function which should enable you writing a json based configuration file (totally untested - so expect that you have write a small patch to make it work)

Vim installation

Vim plugin dependencies:


I recommend using vim-addon-manager to install ensime and its dependencies. (Follow its documentation - or contact Marc Weber if you have any issues).

You can find the source locations here if you want to install them manually: Many thanks to the main author Aemon Cannon who always assisted this process.

Additionally you have to run sbt dist (in the ensime directory) and compile the .c app in C/ in vim-addon-async.


the inspection view is poor. You can only follow types by :EnsimeInspectTypeById nr you can't debug yet (dito) ... Probably there is much more I've been missing

Find a place in this readme for links like this:


Vim uses its own branch for now. We both (Marc Weber, Aemon Cannon) want a merge. Its my lack of time preventing it at the moment. It should be explored whether it was necessary / a good idea to drop the toWF and the wireframe class. I don't use Scala that much - so it looks to be the less time consuming choice to just update this branch occasionally (?) Ping me to make it more likely to work on the merge.