some printf like sql dsl for HaXe as well as additional backend code for different platforms which is not distrtibuted with Std yet
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== purpose ==

  • Provide repository to share database backend implementations and target platforms

  • extract reusable code from SPOD implementation, such as store (dynamic) object in database. Build queries etc.

    Read more about it in db/DBConnection.hx

    The classes reuse Std where possible. But they are prefixed by DB.

== differences to STD ==

  • quoteName. You can't use the Std quote function for all backends.
  • quote accepts dynamic (so that int can be passed to cnx.quote as String)
  • substPH function providing DSL See below
  • result sets should be freed. Thus this interface defines query wit a callback function. The result set is freed automatically (when implemented)
  • functions generating the INSERT and UPDATE query code for you.
  • probably I forgot some

== printf like DSL for writing sql queries ==

If you read the original SPOD code you notice one thing: Each file has its own INSERT INTO .. implementation. This code duplication is not necessary.

// substitute placeholders // ? : quoted value // ?v: insert string verbatim (without quoting) // ?n: quote name (table or field name) // ?l: quote list for use in WHERE field IN (a,b,c) // ?w: {a:"abc", b:"foo"} yields a = "abc" AND b = "foo" // // cnx.substPH("INSERT INSTO ?n VALUES (?,?,?v)", [ "table name", value1, value2.toString(), cnx.quote("a string")] ) // note: the caller is responsible for converting a value into a string like // thing which is understood by the database. public function substPH(query:String, args:Array):String{


connection.substPH("SELECT * FROM ?n WHERE ?w", ["tablename", { id: 10, name : "you" }]) result: SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE id = "10" AND name = "you"

connection.substPH("UPDATE table SET value = 10 WHERE id in (?l)", [ ["1","2","3","4"] ]) resuult: UPDATE table SET value = 10 WHERE id in ("1","2","3","4")

Now start browsing db/DBConnection.hx to learn about all funcctions

== pieces taken from ==

nPostgres: original upstream: (taken from rev 5) original author: Lee McColl Sylvester also modified by: Max S license & files: (neko/db/Postgresql.hx, npostgres/) see npostgres/LICENSE.txt

It was also found on (Version 0.2.0) when it was included into this repository. No differences were found in important files (Makefile, Postgresql.hx, postgres.c)

Reason for inclusion: I don't want to maintain / commit to two repositories - Maybe I change the API in the future.