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Syntaxhighlighting for clearsnippets by Aaron Schrab

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1 parent 09ba802 commit b56e8991c7328b428d23a09185a6eb1726b695ae @SirVer SirVer committed Nov 24, 2012
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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ syn keyword snipTODO FIXME NOTE NOTES TODO XXX contained
syn match snipString '"[^"]*"'
syn match snipTabsOnly "^\t\+$"
-syn match snipKeyword "\(\<\(end\)\?\(snippet\|global\)\>\)\|extends" contained
+syn match snipKeyword "\(\<\(end\)\?\(snippet\|global\)\>\)\|extends\|clearsnippets" contained
" extends definitions
syn match snipExtends "^extends.*" contains=snipKeyword
@@ -36,6 +36,9 @@ syn match snipGlobalStart "^global.*" contained contains=snipKeyword,snipString
syn match snipGlobalEnd "^endglobal" contained contains=snipKeyword
syn region snipGlobal fold keepend start="^global" end="^endglobal" contains=snipGlobalStart,snipGlobalEnd,snipTabsOnly,snipCommand,snipVarExpansion,snipVar,@Python
+" snippet clearing
+syn match snipClear "^clearsnippets"
" highlighting rules
hi link snipComment Comment
@@ -58,4 +61,6 @@ hi link snipGlobalStart Statement
hi link snipGlobalEnd Statement
hi link snipGlobal Normal
+hi link snipClear Statement
let b:current_syntax = "snippet"

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