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completion helpers:
(1) vim_addon_completion#AdvancedCamelCaseMatching(expr):
implements camel case matching
(2) vim_addon_completion#CompleteUsing(func_name):
allows completion using custom function preserving completion func setting
Example usage:
inoremap <buffer> <expr> <c-x><c-w> vim_addon_completion#CompleteUsing('vim_addon_completion#CompleteWordsInBuffer')
historical notes:
All the old code keeping multiple completion functions as alternative was
removed because it was too hard to remember which completion func was set in a buffer.
The only sane way is ask users to define their own mappings as shown above at <c-x><c-w>.
How to provide customizable matches to users
AdditionalCompletionMatchPatterns returns a regex matching CamelCase patterns.
See comment above the function.
A user can override the default behaviour.
Example usage:
fun Compl(first, base)
if ..
let patterns = vim_addon_completion#AdditionalCompletionMatchPatterns(a:base
\ , "your_completion_func_name", {'match_beginning_of_string': 1})
let additional_regex = get(patterns, 'vim_regex', "")
list names = ["name","another_name"]
for n in names
if n =~ '^'.a:base || (additional_regex != "" && a:base =~ additional_regex)
call complete_add({'word': n, ....})
return []