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I wrote a git interface to the git commands I use most often. Enjoy.

commands: see plugin/vim_addon_git.vim

or :*Git

:StatusGit will open a special buffer which maps some very common actions. See vim_addon_git#Names() in autoload/vim_addon_git.vim

press gf on a/path/file.ext or 34efc237 (git hash) to open the file or a view of the commit. (see vim-addon-views) On all views you can use :e! to refresh them

Tested on Linux only

Are you still missing documentation? Tell me.


  • way 1: (recommended) call scriptmanager#Activate(["vim-addon-git"]) Enjoy!

  • way2 : (manual) see vim-addon-git-addon-info.txt. You have to get all dependencies as well

related work

fugitive vcscommand


  • make gf (and BBlameGit!) aware of current commit if used on views. Currently always HEAD is used

credits to Tass who finally podded me enough to move the code out of tovl ..

== alternatives (vcscommand.vim)