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pylint.vim now maintained on GitHub #53

gotgenes opened this Issue · 4 comments

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The version of pylint.vim that VAM-KR has is an unmaintained version that's listed in Vim scripts.

This plugin is now cared for by @orenhe on GitHub:


Learn about vim-addon-syntax-checker and syntastic. Then tell me whether you want to continue using that plugin. We'll take appropriate action then.


Those are nice alternatives, thanks. I'm checking them out. I submitted the issue just to help keep VAM-KR up to date. Even if the pylint plugin is inferior, it would still be nice that if a user goes to get it with VAM, they at least get an up-to-date version. The Vim Scripts version of pylint.vim no longer works, unfortunately.


The purpose of VAM is to solve real world problems: making vim users happy. New its you task to tell us whether we should spend time on the plugin, or whether we should keep doing what we do: propagate using the better tools. However that's always a biased personal choice which is why I ask for feedback.
And yes -VAM should either tell the user about that those alternatives are commonly preferred - or provide the github source. So please provide feedback, meanwhile learn about name rewriting: you can install by 'github:name/repo' using VAM, too


gotgenes: If you can provide feedback about whether you're using pylint.vim or the alternatives I mentioned then we can provide hints to users - anyway closing this due to lack of reply

@MarcWeber MarcWeber closed this
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