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add some more documentation about what the gentoo way is so that peop…

…le don't have to swich files

reading about layman etc makes people want to read up about all those stuff - thus is distracting.
I agree its nice to know about what it is - but IMHO nixos is the better alternative no gentoo nowadays anyway.
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@@ -93,7 +93,10 @@ to cause same Vim behaviour everywhere.
2. Installation *VAM-installation*
Windows users: skim |VAM-windows|.
-Gentoo users: skim |VAM-gentoo|.
+Gentoo users : skim |VAM-gentoo|
+ which explains how to install VAM system wide using layman overlays.
+ IMHO Fastest is continuing reading below though.
rest (linux like everything supporting /bin/sh like shells) users keep reading

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ZyX-I commented on a1e2590 May 5, 2012

No normal Gentoo user can think about installing VAM system-wide from overlay as a faster way. It should be used only if one desires system-wide installation and ability to install for all users and use usual ways of installing it to a bunch of Gentoo machines is the only advantage.

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