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Removed vam_ prefix from log_buffer_name option

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commit aa17a4fcf3d60e8be8fe918170c3931bc2f95b67 1 parent 7ad03be
@ZyX-I ZyX-I authored
Showing with 6 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 autoload/vam.vim
  2. +4 −4 doc/vim-addon-manager-getting-started.txt
4 autoload/vam.vim
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ let s:c['pool_item_check_fun'] = get(s:c, 'pool_item_check_fun', 'none')
" TODO: move log code into other file (such as utils.vim) because its not used on each startup
" TODO: think about autowriting it
let s:c['log_to_buf'] = get(s:c, 'log_to_buf', 0)
-let s:c['vam_log_buffer_name'] = get(s:c, 'vam_log_buffer_name', s:c.plugin_root_dir.'/VAM_LOG.txt')
+let s:c['log_buffer_name'] = get(s:c, 'log_buffer_name', s:c.plugin_root_dir.'/VAM_LOG.txt')
" More options that are used for plugins’ installation are listed in
" autoload/vam/install.vim
@@ -389,7 +389,7 @@ endfun
" looks like an error but is not. Catches users attention. Logs to :messages
fun! vam#Log(s, ...)
if s:c.log_to_buf
- silent execute 'split' fnameescape(s:c.vam_log_buffer_name)
+ silent execute 'split' fnameescape(s:c.log_buffer_name)
cal append('$', split(a:s, "\n", 1))
let hi = a:0 > 0 ? a:1 : 'WarningMsg'
8 doc/vim-addon-manager-getting-started.txt
@@ -409,16 +409,16 @@ Also see
-and if you wish, you may customize the location of the VAM log file, just
-use the vam_log_buffer_name option which defaults to a value of VAM_LOG.txt
-in the VAM plugin's root directory e.g.
+and if you wish, you may customize the default buffer name for the VAM log,
+just use the log_buffer_name option which defaults to a value of
+|VAM-plugin_root_dir|/VAM_LOG.txt e.g.
let g:vim_addon_manager = {
\'shell_commands_run_method': 'system',
\'auto_install': 1,
\'log_to_buf': 1,
- \'vam_log_buffer_name': '/tmp/vam_install.log',
+ \'log_buffer_name': '/tmp/vam_install.log',
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