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document my attitude towards fancy GUIs

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11 doc/vim-addon-manager.txt
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ CONTENTS *vim-addon-manager-contents*
9. Some notes for windows users |vim-addon-manager-windows|
10. Some notes for Gentoo users |vim-addon-manager-gentoo|
11. Troubleshooting and known bug |vim-addon-manager-trouble-shooting|
- and TODOs
+ and TODOs as well as "I want .."
(0. HELP - something dosen't work)
@@ -781,4 +781,13 @@ So don't use ',' in paths and everyone is happy.
I only act uppon feedback. So if you want changes you have to contact me.
Don't expect me to know what you dream about.
+"I want feature X" such as browsable lists of plugins. ActivateAddon FOO
+make launching the plugin permanent, ...
+Me too - pay me.
+Seriously: I don't want to add all features to VAM. Its desine as minimal as
+possible. This excludes any gui features. If you want to add such browser or
+the like create a new plugin "vim-addon-manager-gui" people can install and
+use. I'm happy to put a link into this manual or assist you.
+However I personally don't have time to write it.

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