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sample vimrc is a guide - of course you should only copy paste what y…

…ou like
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@@ -1,12 +1,19 @@
-" minimal useful unbiased recommended .vimrc:
+" minimal useful unbiased recommended .vimrc:
+" or
+" :h vimrc_example.vim
+" more useful info for new users:
" kept recoding the same things over and over again.
" So I write what I think is useful to you here.
" How to use?
-" Either copy paste contents into your .vimrc (omitting the Load function)
-" or call the load function
+" Skim it - then copy paste the lines you like into your personal .vimrc file.
+" Its a rough guide giving you hints about what can be done rather than
+" what should be done
" these markers { { { enable folding. see modeline at the bottom
@@ -100,6 +107,9 @@ set bs=indent,eol,star
" Eg its plugin tmru (most recently used files) provides the command
" TRecentlyUsedFiles you can map to easily:
noremap \r :TRecentlyUsedFiles<cr>
+" the most simple alternative built into vim is the :oldfiles command
+" however it may not work that wel if you use many vim instances at the same
+" time
" simple glob open based on tlib's List function (similar to TCommand or fuzzy
" plugin etc)

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