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add comments about additional ways to load plugins lazily

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MarcWeber committed Jan 20, 2013
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@@ -233,6 +233,17 @@ NOTES: ~
au FileType * for l in values(filter(copy(ft_addons), string(expand('<amatch>')).' =~ v:key')) | call vam#ActivateAddons(l, {'force_loading_plugins_now':1}) | endfor
< Provide feedback about this. If it works we may add it as builtin
+ Also see this text which was sent to the mailinglist (TODO tidy up)
+ @skeept There are at least two projects that add extended autoloading support:
+ [tplugin]( and
+ [AsNeeded]( They lack support from VAM though (to limit th
+ number of plugins to be autoloaded), but the former has limited (and currently outdated) support for
+ `addon-info` files. Neither will work for my own plugins though (they all use frawor API to define mappings and
+ commands and, sometimes, autocommands), and (at least in tplugin) I see a bunch of other problems (like not
+ supported short format for mapping commands, no support for mappings/commands defined in `:execute` and so on):
+ it is really not possible to construct such autoloading by statically analyzing plugins without executing them.
experimental: setup VAM when GUI has started [E2] ~
Depending on the option you choose to run ActivateAddons Vim may not be
able to show the questions correctly asking you to install a plugin.

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