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Removed scms.dir, scms.executable (redundant), .shallow_clones and .s…

…cm_extra_args (not used since previous commit)
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ZyX-I committed Nov 19, 2011
1 parent 9593e38 commit 004977492e4c7e7bb09839cc8cd78a0870141678
Showing with 2 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +2 −6 autoload/vcs_checkouts.vim
  2. +0 −7 doc/vim-addon-manager.txt
@@ -2,10 +2,7 @@
" its very short probably VAM will keep a copy
exec vam#DefineAndBind('s:c','g:vim_addon_manager','{}')
-let s:c.shallow_clones = get(s:c,'shallow_clones', executable('git') && system('git clone --help') =~ '--depth')
-let s:c.scm_extra_args = get(s:c,'scm_extra_args',{'git': [(s:c.shallow_clones ? '--depth 1': '')]})
let s:c.scms_support = get(s:c, 'scms_support', 'auto')
-let s:se = s:c.scm_extra_args
let s:c.scms = get(s:c, 'scms', {})
" What's important about these configurations ?
@@ -46,15 +43,14 @@ for [s:scm, s:val] in items(s:scm_defaults)
let s:c.scms[s:scm]=s:val
- let s:c.scms[s:scm].dir='.'.s:scm
+call map(copy(s:c.scms), 'extend(v:val, {"dir": ".".v:key})')
unlet s:scm s:val
-call map(copy(s:c.scms), 'extend(v:val, {"executable": v:key}, "keep")')
fun! vcs_checkouts#SetSCMSupport()
if s:c.scms_support is# 'auto'
for [scm, sdescr] in items(s:c.scms)
- let s:c[scm.'_support']=executable(sdescr.executable)
+ let s:c[scm.'_support']=executable(scm)
elseif s:c.scms_support is# 'no' || s:c.scms_support is# 'all'
let supportvalue=(s:c.scms_support is# 'all')
@@ -442,13 +442,6 @@ scms *VAM-scms*
update Determines how sources that are already checked out
should be updated.
Additional argument: updated directory.
- executable Determines SCM executable name, possibly relative to
- $PATH.
- dir Read-only, defined by VAM itself. Determines presense
- of which directory under plugin root directory should
- indicate that specific source was checked out using
- specific SCM. You can still set this value if you add
- support for SCM not known by VAM.
Values of keys `clone' and `executable' should be lists that look like
if you want to call them with call("call", {value}), but with
additional arguments added to the second element of the list.

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