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vam#ActivateAddons #100

MortalCatalyst opened this Issue Dec 7, 2012 · 4 comments


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I receive an error in my windows install of vam. I have copied the vimrc from the vam documentation.

The vam install appeared to go ok. But on start I receive/

Error detected while processing function SetupVAM kine 21:
E117: unknown function: vam#ActivteAddons

For me this appears to be line 21 but I am not sure of how to correct the error.

execute '!git clone --depth=1 git://github.com/MarcWeber/vim-addon-manager '.

@MarcWeber MarcWeber closed this in 0cb4411 Dec 7, 2012


MarcWeber commented Dec 7, 2012

fixed - thanks. A small regression occured while fixing #99. Retry using current sample VimL code provided by the documentation. If in doubt compare with what you get using vam.mawercer.de downloader. If you still have issues write again


ZyX-I commented Dec 7, 2012

Wondering what’s the problem with &rtp? I do not see how your patch fixes the issue because there is no regression. And I am highly against encouraging anybody to unnecessary use exec and eval.

@ZyX-I ZyX-I reopened this Dec 7, 2012


ZyX-I commented Dec 7, 2012

There was regression: I forgot to copy-paste /vim-addon-manager part.

@ZyX-I ZyX-I closed this in fed21af Dec 7, 2012


MarcWeber commented Dec 7, 2012

Once and forall: You can write bad programs in any languages. You can't protect the user from shooting himself into his own feet - if he/she/it wants to do so. For the same reason you can't tell kids "Don't use fire, don't use knifes".
Teach them how to use it in a sensible way instead.
If you want to be safe don't use VIM, cause Vim was written in C, and C is eval for many reasons!
The real problem about VAM is that you get sources from maybe untrusted git repositories - that you don't have a "known state" - we just hope and trust that newest versions don't break.
If you really want to improve the world - then go and patch VIM, introduce a set_rtp and get_rtp function operating on lists instead of strings. But don't tell people about how to escape "," in paths cause its that unlikely that they ever use directories containing it. Non working code is a bug, too much code, too.
And the latter is more serious cause you have to read and review it.
And this reviewing issue also applies to git history.

ZyX-I added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 7, 2012

Source_missing_files hack already does not work with directories with…
… comma.

So remove escaping them.

Ref #100
Ref #101

Also remove ERROR: … description as it is present in 12.1 section
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