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Dependency issue with Markdown and snipmate #68

mikl opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I was cleaning out my installed bundles, noticing I had two instances of snipmate (snipmate and snipMate). I deleted both to let VAM sort out the correct one to install. Now, I'm greeted with this when I start vim:

% vim 
Plugin Name: snipMate ver. 
Script Nr: 2540
dependency chain: snipMate < Markdown
Target: /home/mikl/.dotfiles.git/vim/managed-addons/snipMate
!> Deprecation warning package snipMate:
snipMate is an alias to snipmate now - so use 'snipmate'
Origin: git git://
Plugin snipMate is deprecated, see warning above. Install it?
[N]o, Ye(s):

Only way to get this to go away is to have two copies of snipmate, and that might cause problems elsewhere. Can we mitigate this somehow?


I believe for things that already require loading VAM-kr it should be allowed to use “%SNR” notation, because script number is the only thing that won’t really ever change. For addon-info.txt this will lead to overwriting it though, cycle should be the following: check for exact match, check for %SNR presence (or vim_script_nr key in dependency information), expand it if there is any, check generated name for being equal to original, overwrite if it is not. Don’t allow meaningless %SNR directories, it would be a great step backward.


This bug is obsolete because can also read snipmate-snippetsn now.
For that reason it does no longer make sense to have snipmate-snippets fetch snipmate. Thus you have to install the engine and the snippets yourself. If there is another similar use case we will have to talk about a nice fix again.

@MarcWeber MarcWeber closed this
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