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Better unattended install, redirect output to log files for example #79

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ability to have VAM send output to logs while installing... e.g. information about what's happening while the plugins are being downloaded from git repos etc

I can use the fix proposed here, #77 however I still get "too much output" for vim to handle and so vim displays the usual -- More -- prompt asking me to hit enter

possibly an option to redirect this output to a log file could be good

interestingly, if I delete all my plugins except for vim-addon-manager itself, then when I run vim next i don't have to hit enter, there's something interesting that happens when VAM isn't yet installed, right around the time that the first git repo is downloaded which is the known-repos plugin, the output becomes colorized

when I start vim after deleting everything except ~/.vim/vim-addons/vim-addon-manager then I get no colored output, and no -- More -- prompt


Thanks for the bug report. I'd say that redirecting all output to a buffer or list of lines instead might work. Using 'system' shell way everything is redirected t Log calls already. Commenting everything within that Log function could be a first step to evaluate whether it might be working. I don't know when I'll take time to work on this yet.


ok cool, I will try to mess around with this at some point as well, I also don't know when I'll have time :)


This seems to be effectively solved by 2cf9007

set the 'log_to_buf' flag to 1 in the vam config

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