regwrongorder makes <tab> completion much less useful #90

MarcWeber opened this Issue Oct 28, 2012 · 2 comments

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Try this: ActivateAddon theoneviml and you won't get theonevimlib completed.
That's very annoying.

Its caused by this line:

  \['lstr>1',   '"v:val=~?".string(regwrongorder)'],

ZyX? How to fix?
If you really really really have to keep those fuzzy non-matches - would it be possible to list them using echoe/m or the like without disturbing tab completion?


Worked for me, it was first to be completed (now removed as you brought to my attention that there are two entries for one plugin). Yes, there was a bunch of fuzzy matches, but they were after theonevimlib.


I'm using

set wildmode=list:longest
set wildmenu

thus if there are many matches nothing gets completed (for good reason).
I agree that it works without using this customized setting

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