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I wrote a mercurial interface for mercurial commands I use most often. Enjoy.

This is work in process. Its copy paste of vim-addon-git

commands: see plugin/vim_addon_mercurial.vim

or :*HG

:StatusHG will open a special buffer which maps some very common actions. See vim_addon_mercurial#Names() in autoload/vim_addon_mercurial.vim

press gf on a/path/file.ext or 34efc237 (git hash) to open the file or a view of the commit. (see vim-addon-views) On all views you can use :e! to refresh them

Tested on Linux only

Are you still missing documentation? Tell me.


  • way 1: (recommended) call scriptmanager#Activate(["vim-addon-git"]) Enjoy!

  • way2 : (manual) see vim-addon-git-addon-info.txt. You have to get all dependencies as well


  • make gf (and BBlameHG!) aware of current commit if used on views. Currently always HEAD is used

== alternatives (vcscommand.vim)