toggle related buffers. This can be .c <-> .h. It also can mean: show all files having same file extension in curent dir etc. Extend as you wish
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== Allow toggling related buffers fast: ==

  C/C++ and the like
  .h .hh <-> .c .cc .cpp .cxx

  .ml <-> .mli

== implemntation details ==

  a global dict keeps a list of functions which return alternate files.
  A mode is passed to the function, so that you can change its behaviour from
  "return most likely matches only" to "return all possible matches"

  The functions are expected to return string(filename) or string({'file': file, 'line': line})

  Each function is added to a dict so that no duplicates occur and so that you
  can update entries easily

== notes ==
  I recommend vim-addon-manager for installing plugins