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== small utils to ease learning urweb

== installation use This plugin depends on some of its features. vim-addon-manager will also install some dependencies for you.

provided features:

  * snippets/urweb_project.snippet
  * tag based completion
  * downloading and tagging the standard library (can you call it that way?)
  * compilation action + error format (see vim-addon-actions)
    (on linux the standalone server can automatically be restarted)
  * toggle .ur .urs files (see vim-addon-toggle-buffer)
  * using snipmate you get many html related snippets (use the fork on my github page)
  * matchit suppert for
    - xml tags
    - let .. in .. end, sig .. end, struct .. end
    - fu
    This means you can select those objects fast and jump from one item to the next using %
  * html completion support (same as when editing .html files)

== customization ==

s:c is bound to global g:vim_addon_urweb - so you can override settings.

let g:vim_addon_urweb = {} let g:vim_addon_urweb.ctag_recursive = 'ctags-svn-wrapped -R ' let g:vim_addon_urweb.extra_urweb_args = funcref#Function('return ARGS[0].target == "fastcgi" ? ["-output", "yourdir/". fnamemodify(ARGS[0].exe,":r").".fcgi"] : call(function("urweb#ExtraUrwebArgs"),ARGS)')

== setup ctags add to your ~/.ctags file:

--regex-urweb=/^[ \t]*val[ \t]+([A-Z'a-z0-9_]+)/\1/v,function/
--regex-urweb=/^[ \t]*(fun|and)[ \t]+([A-Z'a-z0-9_]+)/\2/v,function/
--regex-urweb=/^[ \t]*class[ \t]+([A-Z'a-z0-9_]+)/\1/c,class/
--regex-urweb=/^[ \t]*con[ \t]+([A-Z'a-z0-9_]+)/\1/n,con/
--regex-urweb=/^[ \t]*view[ \t]+([A-Z'a-z0-9_]+)/\1/v,view/
--regex-urweb=/^[ \t]*table[ \t]+([A-Z'a-z0-9_]+)/\1/t,table/
--regex-urweb=/^[ \t]*cookie[ \t]+([A-Z'a-z0-9_]+)/\1/o,cookie/

== why a separate distribution ? ==

Adam Chlipala generiously offered me integrating this code into the main distrbituion. There are various reasons why I'd like to keep it separate for now:

  • I copied code from Vim. I'm to lazy to care about all license details
  • It depends on many other .vim files, see dependencies list in vim-addon-urweb-addon-info.txt So its much more convenient for you installing it and its dependencies using vim-addon-manager
  • Its still very experimental and very likely to change. So sending Adam Chlipala patches would cause too much overhead.

== vim-addon-async support == Want to see the log of the standalone application?

Put this into your .vimrc:

let g:vim_addon_urweb = { 'use_vim_addon_async' : 1 }

== How to contribute ? == Send patches or ideas. Even if you don't have the skills to implement them (yet) I'd like to keep a list of them. I can't promise to implement them. But maybe I can help you getting started a lot faster