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collaborative manual effort to create an index about vim tools
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The wiki can be edited online now: vim-wiki

I'm no longer using custom syntax only is the best way. Maybe we should use moin-moin (as wikia vim wiki does) or markdown and add features we need.

design-goals: See vim-online-wiki-source/topic/this-wiki-design-goals contribute: See vim-online-wiki-source/topic/ feedback: See vim-online-wiki-source/topic/ -> submitting bugs

purpose: create a manually mantained index about which tools exist to solve what purpose. Be as dynamic and vibrant as the world and community is: manage everything by a simple git repository and hope that people contribute (which usually works pretty well).

status/goal: I want to make this all visible on to help community be most productive fastest - which is what Vim is about.

Assign maintainers which are responsible for certain kinds of content, so that work is not too much for any individual

The final goal is to generate HTML out of this wiki and put it on I had in mind rewriting the whole web site, but it would take too much time so I want to apply the 20/80 rule again: Provide value to users with minimal effort

On the mailinglist vimwiki was recommended - so let's give it a try.

Please be aware that authors always write about what they know best. Thus if you have made different experiences contribute and help making this a better resource.

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